Soft Robotics Toolkit

Education resource developed by the Harvard Biodesign Lab to learn, experiment and develop technology in this field - video embedded below:

The Soft Robotics Toolkit is a collection of shared resources to support the design, fabrication, modeling, characterization, and control of soft robotic devices … The ultimate aim of the toolkit is to advance the field of soft robotics by allowing designers and researchers to build upon each other’s work. The toolkit includes an open source fluidic control board, detailed design documentation describing a wide range of soft robotic components (including actuators and sensors), and related files that can be downloaded and used in the design, manufacture, and operation of soft robots. In combination with low material costs and increasingly accessible rapid prototyping technologies such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC mills, the toolkit enables soft robotic components to be produced easily and affordably.

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Welcome to modern media. Who’s playing who, playing who anymore?

Do we really know?

We’re expected to form convictions and opinions on world matters, and commit money and military action based on limited, often manipulated information.

We’re in the midst of some serious propaganda from all sides, in different political struggles and regional conflicts, and social media is no different than any other media that’s ever come before.

The only difference is this generation is quite naive to it all.

We all need to think critically before spreading information/ reacting to things we see and read.

Some things aren’t always what they seem. Without observable evidence, context, verification, everything and anything should always be taken at face value, until we know more.

Israeli DJ remixes Hamas propaganda song, playing it at clubs.

But maybe it’s just a remix of a remix that’s been remixed as part of the meta-propaganda war.

We can’t even trust art.

And who knows what other nefarious and jaw-dropping schemes, at varying levels of deceit, have ever come to fruition, time and again?

What is true?

Media today is so manipulated, critical thinking so absent, people can’t even tell if a Morgan Freeman quote is real or not.

Yet we somehow expect to believe the full story – and form strong convictions – in times of conflict…with so much more on the line.

So, why react to anything if you don’t think about any of these things

Who can blame people from being skeptical of what they read, or if all they wanted to do was dance?

For all we know about any major news event, we’re already being made to dance. 

We live in a world full of obfuscation because confusion often serves a purpose.

That’s not conspiracy or crackpot thinking. There are no claims being made, beyond the reality of a media that does not have enough independent analysis, verification of evidence or resource to distribute trusted information that could bring about clarity.


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NY Times Style  

In the Studio | Alber Elbaz of Lanvin

In the Studio | Rick Owens

This series is just great. Unexpected little human glimpses into the part of the creative process at the top of fashion.

Great to see artists, especially in a commercial sense, completely dedicated to their craft and to the worlds built around it. For the reality of the business that fashion is, each process comes across incredibly pure here; just as earnest and inwardly-driven as it would with any artist compelled to create for no other reason but to create.

It really shows how business and creativity works together best – when it does work. The value isn’t only recognized in their rare talent, but it’s central to the business. While a house can be led by another designer, it isn’t simply a ‘role’ to fill. In the case of a designer who is the brand, as with Owens, or with a designer who has come to steer the brand as with Elbaz, the intent is identical – to follow through on vision.

The brand is its own entity but instead of competing with artist – they compliment and fuel each other to turn fabric into something like this. That’s what creates the real value in a great fashion brand, beyond just the label.